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Coming January 25th: Dr. Jill's eBook, How to Guide for Building a Team of Content Creators

Empower your people. Unify your school. Secure your content. Generate your story. 

This How to Guide for Building a Team of Content Creators will help you generate more and better quality content from a wide range of perspectives allowing you to tell a richer and more vibrant story for your school district, all while keeping your staff and student information safe and secure. You can't do it alone. 

Investigate these questions as you begin your journey to building a team of content creators:

  • Why should our district use social media? 
  • How will we organize our team? 
  • Why should we add students to the team? 
  • How do we recruit students? 
  • How do we train students? 
  • How do we retain students? 
  • How do we sustain our team from year to year? 
  • Which tool do I use to ensure this is safe and secure? 


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